Ciara “Makes a Wish” Come True

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

CiCi teamed up with the Make A Wish Foundation to give a talented little girl with Sickle Cell Anemia some private dance lessons. Peep the video to see Ciara help the little girl get her one-two step game down.

More pics of CiCi when you…

Shout out for Freddy O for the footage.

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  • Baby Girl

    alright Ci Ci….!!!!

  • Oshie - french vanilla butta pecan chocolate deluxe, even caramel sundaes is gettin touched

    At least she didn’t give her singing lessons. OH SNAP!

  • KILO

    Thumbs UP to her! Carin bout da kids is whats UP!

  • KILO

    Excuse me Oshie is it? Is dat U in da gravie?

  • KILO

    If so U may need sumpin long and strong in ya life, dat wld B myself!

  • Oshie - french vanilla butta pecan chocolate deluxe, even caramel sundaes is gettin touched

    Yeah, that’s me. My name is Gisele and I make 500k a minute by posing in my panties!

    No, it’s not me. I’m way hotter.

  • Diamond

    That’s really nice of her.

    Hope people can give more people back like this.

  • KILO

    @ Oshie U way hotter? If dat B da case…U down wid Brown? Bet cha I can open it up to a whole nother level Betcha!! OPEN U UP!

  • Matthew Knowles

    She has a good heart. Good stuff CiCi!

  • Its The Foosa

    that was very nice of her to make that girls wish come true.

  • .

    So nice to see stories like this.

  • tamiko

    Ciara has always given back a few years ago she came up to the bay and visited a young girl in the hospital. I forget what the little girl had but she didn’t have to come all the way up to SF she could have just sent an album or something like other people. Ciara she has good heart and she is very humble.

  • *MiSsUndersto0d*

    aww, dat wuz reel nice of cici..she still looked cute in her white tee, nike sweatz, n jordanz..jus startn to like her more n more..go girrrrlll lol 😉

  • malakidagod

    that girl looked ungrateful & didnt even speak back lmao

  • Hoopstar08

    Taking her song to heart, I see…looking like a boy, lol.

    Naw, this was some good stuff. Kids are just weird like that, though, they don’t always act like we think they should or will act, or react.

  • YOYO

    CiCi has always had a good heart from the beginning of her career. Its good to see that fame has not changed her. The litte girl was so adorable and you can tell she was shy. Lol.. at the girl doing the booty dance…. I tell ya these kids be picking up on all kinds of dances.

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