So Sad: Police Have Finally Released The 911 Call Made During 17-Year Old Trayvon Martin’s Shooting Death, Says Shooter “These Azzholes Always Get Away!”

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This is quite disturbing to say the least…

In the first 911 call before black teenager Trayvon Martin was killed, white neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman can be heard pursuing the unarmed youngster on foot as he runs away.

Moments later the police are bombarded with calls from terrified neighbors implored dispatchers to send police as a voice in the background can be heard screaming for help before the sound of two gun shots.

…Zimmerman had called 911 to reports a suspicious man walking through the gated community.

‘This guy looks like he is up to no good. He is on drugs or something,’ Zimmerman told the dispatcher from his SUV.

He added that the black teen had his hand in his waistband and was walking around looking at homes.

SMH, clearly this guy had a itchy trigger finger and was not going to be convinced to stand down…

‘These a——-. They always get away,’ Zimmerman said on a 911 call.

During Zimmerman’s initial call, he told the dispatcher he was following Martin and the dispatcher told him, ‘You don’t need to do that.’

But Zimmerman sounds as if he continues to pursue the teen saying: ‘He ran.’

He then refuses to meet police officers at an agreed location and asks for them to call him on arrival instead so he can tell them where he is.

Sanford police officials, who have not charged Zimmerman after accepting his claim that his actions were in self defense, finally released eight 911 calls on Friday after mounting pressure.

As you can imagine, Trayvon’s family is OUTRAGED!

After listening to recordings of 911 calls, Martin’s family said they’re more convinced than ever that the Zimmerman should be charged with a crime.

‘You hear a shot, a clear shot, then you hear a 17-year-old boy begging for his life,’ said Natalie Jackson, the family attorney. ‘Then you hear a second shot.’

The case has been turned over to the State Attorney’s Office which can decide whether to file charges or present evidence to a grand jury.

Attorney Benjamin Crump, who is also representing the family, told reporters outside Sanford City Hall that Martin’s parents both broke down and cried as they listened to the recordings.

In the tapes he said you can hear the child begging for his life and ‘howling cries’ for help.

‘They are completely devastated, and they are in unbelievable grief,’ Crump said.

‘The last seconds of his life were in absolute fear.’

What could this kid REALLY have been doing to threaten the life of a grown-azz man?!?


Hit the flippy to listen to the terrifying calls…

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