Get The Barf Bag: Celebrity Couples That Make Us Want To Vomit

- By Bossip Staff
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These couples are their own horror flicks…

We’ve seen tons of weird relationships, but most of the time they just make us scratch our heads. Which is fine. But others just make us gag a bit.

Click through at your own risk…


Bobbi Kristina and Nick Jordon – They’re essentially brother and sister and it’s freaking everyone out. It’s necessarily technically incest but it’s close enough.


Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose – They’re actually a cute couple…but that tongue sh*t is disgusting. Please stop that.


Woody Allen and Soon Yi – Woody married his step daughter and they dated when she was just a teenager. Now they’re heavily ever after.

Superhead and Bill Maher – Just the thought of this old crusty guy getting domed up by Superhead just makes us…*gags*…give us a sec.

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler – They just looked like a mess…good thing she dumped him.

R. Kelly and Aaliyah – They got married when she was underage. At the time it was weird…but only got weirder after seeing Kelly’s very serious issues.

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    Morgan Freeman and E’Dena Hines – He took it a step further and dated his step-GRANDdaughter. Yikes.

    Lisa Raye and Al Sharpton – Just…ew. Wait, who pulls whose hair? Okay, we’re done.

    Mya and Gucci Mane – It’s hard to imagine Gucci’s ashy lips scraping against any woman’s face, but the picture just made us weep a bit.

    Ja Rule and Kristina Shannon – This picture is priceless of Ja and his buss down Playmate.

    Lil Kim and Scott Storch – They looked like clowns at all times and their beach pics always made us cringe.

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