Played PT. 2: The Most Embarrassing Ways These Celebrities Got FIRED!

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Pink slips are never easy.

Last week, we showed you the most embarrassing ways these people found out they got cheated on, now we’re going to take it to the job market. We’re going to take a look at the way these people got dropped from groups, record labels and basketball teams.


Tim Tebow – He just got canned for Peyton Manning AFTER taking his team to the playoffs. We wonder if they even told him beforehand.


Destiny’s Child – It was four, then Bey and Kelly ended up sticking while the other two got dropped out of thin air. Next thing you know, it went from four to two to four to three.


Young Buck – He got dropped from G-Unit and Fiddy released a voicemail of dude crying for his job back. That’s just horrible.

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Lamar Odom – He got traded by the Lakers for a ham sammich then sent to the D-league by Dallas. He’ll be a high school coach in no time.

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Mike Vick – He got arrested and fired for the whole world to see. All for fighting some stupid dogs.

X-Factor Cast – Simon Cowell kicked Paula Abdul and Nicole Sherzinger to the curb with the quickness so his show can be great. They had to backtrack and come up with excuses.

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    Da Band/Danity Kane – Diddy ended the shows and ended the bands as soon as the shows were off the air. He should have featured his new group: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan.

    Dame Dash – Jay-Z didn’t get dropped…he dropped the label.

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