Rumor Control: Did Teyana Taylor Catch Major Fade With A Stripper In A Miami Club Over eBeef???

- By Bossip Staff

It’s about to be a girl fight!!! Over the weekend things got a little ratchet at Club Liv in Miami. The club was packed out for a performance by Mary J. Blige who did a a special tribute for Queen Latifah’s birthday but things took a turn for the worse when attention slore “singer/actress” Teyana Taylor allegedly got into a fist fight with a King of Diamond’s stripper by the name of Skrawberry.

We can’t even make this isht up folks.

Shortly after Happy Birthday was sung, Skrawberry reportedly came over to the table where Teyana Taylor was seated. Onlookers watched as Teyana bent down to grab her drink, when Skrawberry sucker punched her. Teyana & company reportedly caught fade with the skrippa and things went HAM! Skrawberry was later thrown out the club allegedly beaten to a pulp, and was even seen wearing her dress as a belt. GAWTDAYUM!!!!

An hour later, as Teyana and her crew were leaving the club, Skrawberry’s sister reportedly ran up behind Teyana and grabbed her hair, causing the ladies to fall into bushes where they continued to fight. Two men jumped in towards the end of the fight, which resulted in them busting through and shattering a nearby window at the club.

Since the epic fight, both Teyana Taylor and Skrawberry have taken to twitter to sub-tweet about the incident. Skrawberry claims she never got into a fight but her tweets paint a different picture.

Check out more of the reckless sub-tweets next…


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