When The Checks Start Coming In

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The ho that Spitzer was paying to chop down, Ashley Dupré, make an attempt at justifying her fu*cking for stacks:

She was the tabloid sensation at the center of the sex scandal that brought down New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer. But in her very first interview, Ashley Alexandra Dupré tells PEOPLE, “I’m a normal girl”, “Everyone knows me as ‘that girl,’ but I’m not just ‘that girl,” the 23-year-old former escort says in the new issue of PEOPLE, on sale Friday. “I have a lot of depth, a lot of layers.” Enduring a media spotlight that included seeing her MySpace photos splashed on front pages “has been really hard,” the New Jersey native explains. “But I’m a survivor.” “It was extremely painful for my mother,” Dupré says, though “my mother wasn’t angry. She was supportive.”

Newsflash, Ashley: normal girls do not have sex with strangers for money. They have sex with men that they already know for money, you silly rabbit. At any rate, we can’t hate you for parlaying this scandal the way you did, so go get your paper.


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  • Hannibal


  • Hannibal


  • http://So... The Queen

    Are we suppose to feel sorry for her? Or her mother? Who raises their beloved children to be hoes? Am I missing something?

  • leave it be

    she is a very enterprising young lady,no? i mean, getting someone to pay all that money for it…


    She (Ashley) needs to lay off the tanning…her skin looks like the dark meat on a chicken.

  • Mez

    “I’M A SURVIVOR?” no…you are a hooker-a highly paid one at that. i’m not impressed with her martha stewart style dress she’s using to front in. she should spread her thighs so her jons can recognize her.

  • Tealeaf

    I wouldn’t be shock if she gets her own reality show on E!

    They love giving skanks shows

    Denise Richards

    The Hodashian clan

    Pam Anderson

  • Queen of the Universe

    The queen….I challenge you to a dual, never mine, the universe is mine. LOL! No really, the universe is mine, people just don’t know it yet, stick with me, I make everyone a believer!

  • Queen of the Universe

    This “thing” is just trying to extend her 15 min. of fame. Go find another “d” already!

  • Queen of the Universe

    A bit tranny looking, right? Perhaps that’s what attracted Mr.S. Don’t try to be prim and proper now, you’ve been exposed, literally!

  • Candid Canuck

    I luv those pudgy lips of hers…. I wud pay for brain with the option of facial fireworks

  • Candid Canuck

    @ Exxon300

    dude you need to be “hooked on phonics”

  • Karen

    Why, Diane Sawyer? Why??

    20/20 used to be a legitimate, reputable news program. Now, for the sake of ratings, they’re turning it into trashy tabloid TV.

    Surely, they can find ONE honorable person who’s done some good in the world to interview.

    This is sad.

    Is this really what we, as a country, have become?

  • TruTV

    I’d Smash quickly, wtup baby

  • Sucker Free

    they are both hos…diane sawyer let people mag pimp her into doing this interview.

    this scandal was months ago…why is the hooker still getting press?


  • Karen

    His arrogance, stupidity, and penchance for hypocrisy would’ve done him in sooner or later.

    No halfway decent woman would sleep with Elliot Spitzer for ANY amount of money.

    And, admittedly, she didn’t even know who he was!!! So, she’s willing to hop on a plane or train to go screw any old McNasty her agency tells her to. Gross!

    She’s just a nasty dirty h0 who was caught in NY with the husband of a family friend this past summer. That’s AFTER this Spitzer story hit the fan. Guess she has no other way to support herself.

    The shame is that when I saw this pic on another site, I remember thinking she looked like she would’ve made someone a great wife and mother–if her head had been on straight. Who’ll take her seriously now?

    I do fear she’ll suffer the Lewinski Syndrome (as in Monica). In other words, after her very public sexual misdeed, a decent man would be too shamed to wife or take her seriously.

    This chick will be hooking till no one’s willing to pay her for it. I’m willing to bet she STILL sees clients/men for money.

  • Official TimeHater (I've found my smile again)

    “Newsflash, Ashley: normal girls do not have sex with strangers for money. They have sex with men that they already know for money, you silly rabbit. At any rate, we can’t hate you for parlaying this scandal the way you did, so go get your paper.”


    From the Kim K. “Scandal $$$ for Dummies”.. LOL

    I do like the “wholesome” look Ashley is sporting..nice try normal girl.

  • Ignorance is Contagious

    Why is a woman not being as pure as the white snow viewed as the WORSE thing in the world? Would I be a prostitute? NO! Would I leave my husband for cheating on me with a prostitute? YES!

    BUT Why oh why do people get SO upset and crazy when a woman exhibits the SAME behavior men PROUDLY have been ehibiting for centuries?

    If she wants to move on with her life, who are WE to stop her? Worry about what is going on in between your own legs (and your mans) and keep it moving.

    I, nor anyone else have the right to stop people from moving on.


  • Karen


    I think everybody HOPED she would’ve moved the hewl on after embarrassing herself and family. BUT, here she goes pimping herself out again in hopes of making money.

    THAT’S the problem people have.

    Moving on==Moving the hell on–NOT reliving, rehashing, and keeping it in the media.

    I’m sure if she faded into obsurity no one would give a half a damn.

    I feel for Spitzer’s wife and children who would also love to move past the actions of these two extremely selfish people only to have this “interview” happen.

  • lisalisa

    A little off topic, but is that a dude?

  • wo

    hisidic jew gone wild! that nose! i say let spitzer smash that one mo’gen for the nose job!

  • http://annoymous@yahoo.com anonymous says

    which one is the ho LOL that was too funny almost as much as open your eyes getting on horsieq LOL.. that Spitzer needs to sit the hell down aint no pus– in the world worth no 4500 dollars please… that nug should have tookmthat money and helped Katrina and other victims! 4500 for some stank snatch i dont think so!

  • http://annoymous@yahoo.com anonymous says

    Sauce family in here or what .. mild said he is going on vacation he will holla in about a week!

  • super woman

    Ms. Queen I agree w/u that she does look tranny. 4 whateva reason it seems that nowadays men or looking to sleep w/men that look like women instead of seeking da real women. I wonder y is that?

  • Phenomenal Me... Ms. Dee (New Fan of Fred Shropshire... and I'm still happy about our 44th President!!)


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