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Bossip recently chatted with Akon and when he’s not practicing his dry humping skills, he’s the driving force of “Team Michael”.

That guy’s a genius, man. That’s probably the highlight of my career. He’s the most humble cool dude. When you stop and think about all of the controversies and articles on him, they don’t even reflect the person that I saw. I always say if people got the chance to actually meet the man behind all of the controversy, they would be embarrassed to even have that thought. He’s totally different from the normal perception that you see.

We feel you, Akon. But there’s nothing normal about a nightly routine of taking your nose off and placing it in a jewel-studded Peter Pan case.

Read his response to SMACKING THAT CHICK AT A CONCERT right about NOW.

“That was a shot from an angle that made it look like that. We put the actual footage on the internet and it shows that she was falling and I was trying to help her up and then I was about to fall and she was trying to help me up. We just both happened to be standing on the platform when I went out into the crowd. The crowd hit one of the legs and it broke and we were both off balance. But, if you let the media tell it, ‘Oh, Akon’s at it again, he smacked another chick.” I realized how fast negative news spreads.”

In case you don’t remember, peep the vid below.

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