Stop The Violence: 12 Year-Old Oklahoma Boy Dies After Catching Fade With His Friend AT CHURCH!

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A boy of 12 was brutally murdered by a 13-year-old friend following an argument in the basement of an Oklahoma church, the State Medical Examiner ruled.

Lance Madison died of head and neck injuries due to blunt force trauma after being struck by the killer during a scuffle at the First Baptist Church in Cordell, Oklahoma, on January 11.

His best friend apparently witnessed the fight and told Lance’s mom that the boys had been ‘horsing around’.

She said in an interview with NewsOK that the situation had got out of control and Lane, an avid wrestler, was punched in the face. He hit a wall and fell to the floor unconscious.

The other boy then jumped on top of him and beat him.

As he fell, Lance’s head hit the church basement floor, which had only a thin layer of carpet over concrete. He was taken to Cordell Memorial Hospital where he later died.

If there is ANY silver lining to this dark cloud it comes in the form of one of one of Lance’s rival wrestlers…

In the days following Lance’s death, Noah Hooks, a fellow wrestler from Deer Creek, who was due to face Lance in a fight, gave a winning medal to Lance’s parents in tribute to the youngster.

The family said they were overwhelmed by Hook’s kindness.

‘This kid doing this makes you realize there are very special kids in this world,’ Brian Madison, Lane’s father, said.

‘It was the first match since Lane passed, and his little brother said “we’re going”. It touched my heart so much that a young man would even think to do such a thing,’ His mother, Shantelle Madison, added.

R.I.P. Lance, they’re gonna find the lil bastard that did this to you and toss an whole library of books at him!


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