Silly Rabbit: Homeless Couple Gets Busted After Kidnapped Bunny Is Found In Bowl Of Cereal [Video]

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“Miss Cooper,” the popular bunny mascot kidnapped from the front window of a New York boutique, has been returned to her owners:

She was given to police at the 1st Precinct early Saturday morning allegedly by a homeless man who knew the two bunny bandits. Later in the day, PIX11 News learned the suspects were nabbed at a soup kitchen.

Reports that the culprits, were found out by one of their own after the man had seen a news story featuring the missing rabbit. The homeless bunny savior approached the stetson-wearing bandits and issued the brave ultimatum: “If you don’t return him, I will.” He then scooped up Miss Cooper, and transported her to the local police station inside the plushest of bunny lodgings: a fish tank filled with Apple Jacks cereal.

“We’re glad they were arrested cause they did something they shouldn’t have done and we would be nervous to still have them walking around the community, but really we’re just glad to have her back,” said Alexander Berardi, designer and owner of the Prince Street clothing store from which “Miss Cooper” was stolen.

Thomas Smith, 62, was charged with petit larceny. His partner, Andrea Ruggieri, 45, was charged with petit larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

Surveillance cameras show the pair — who were regular visitors to the store — decked out in leather and cowboy hats at the front of the shop Wednesday evening. The man is seen scooping up the bunny, while the woman is seen guarding the door.

“Miss Cooper” and another floppy eared Holland Lop named Jack, have become the neighborhood mascots, winning the hearts of children and adults alike, who come in to pet them.

Trix might be for kids but Apple Jacks are another story. New York you can sleep easy tonight, Miss Cooper the bunny is back in safe hands. Check out the video next…


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