The Bodyguard: Beyonce Hires Secret Service Agents To Protect Her Against Crazy A$$ Stans

- By Bossip Staff

Only the best for the First Lady of music? Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly shocked Secret Service Agents earlier this week when they were caught up in a media frenzy in New York City. The couple had finished dining at Nobu after attending Michelle Obama’s charity fundraiser when they were surrounded by paparazzi and fans.

In order to protect themselves, Bey and Jay-Z enlisted several members of the Secret Service who also look after the First Lady, to guard them, in addition to their normal security detail:

When we saw a herd of flash-snapping paparazzi swarm around another security contingent exiting the building, we asked who was in the center of the scrum.

“Beyonce,” said the agent in a blase voice, right before one of his colleagues walked up to us and dropped what we suspect is a well-worn Secret Service in-joke.

According to the NY Daily News, one of the Secret Service Agents was shocked by the frenzy the superstars caused, and told the publication, “That’s not a way I’d like to live.”

When we asked the group of guards if they thought it would be more fun to guard Beyonce than the world’s strongest man, a third agent with bulging muscles asked his close-cropped compadre, “What do you think?

We wonder what the Secret Service guys feel like going from protecting the POTUS to Beyoncé. It sounds like Bey failed to impress the agents. Do you think she needs to the extra protection?



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