Excuses, Excuses

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It only took a day after the release of “Curtis” and “Graduation” for No Cents to start with the whining and excuses. In an interview with Hot 97 he blamed his label for his second place status in record sales.

Via Allhiphop.com:

“To be honest the process of selling this record hasn’t been fun. I’m happy with the performance, but I’m not happy with the set up. We had conference calls and after we created this plan, nobody actually had a plan.”

50 Cent also issued a warning to Def Jam, claiming he would release a new album every time the label had a big release. “Hypothetically, if I came in under Kanye West, I would release a new album every time Def Jam had a priority. I would release a record verses every one of their top priorities”.

He also said that he was finished with Interscope after the release of his next album, which will fulfill his contractual obligations to the label. “It was the label,” 50 Cent said. “They’re dropping the ball all over the place. I’ll release my next album and then I’m a free agent.”

Next album??? I thought he was retiring if his record sales didn’t measure up to Kanye’s. What a gaylord.

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