New Black Kid On The Block: Netta Brielle New Jawns “Crime Scene” Ft Too $hort

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This new little banger comes to us from Northern Cali:

Netta Brielle is a uniquely gifted and talented performer. A true “total package entertainer” , she is a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, not just another pretty face in the crowd. Her soothing voice, electric stage performance, and dominant stage presence constantly gains her new fans & catapults her towards success in the music industry.

Being introduced to performing arts at the age of 5, Netta has always known that she wanted to be an entertainer. Growing up in the Bay Area, she was surrounded by local independent talents, who had become mainstream like Too $hort, En Vogue, Tony Toni Tonè, and many others. She started off as a young rapper. At the time it was almost a joke that this little girl would be on the radio every Friday morning rapping her heart out, yet she won the competition every time. With the help and efforts of her older sister who was in a local singing group at the time, she was able to witness the work ethic and methods of some of the elite talents in the industry at a very early age. Continuing to act as a sponge to her older sister, who was a teen in the late 80’s, she was influenced by the style, movies, and music of that decade. She developed a strong liking to Janet Jackson, Teena Marie, and another Oakland native, Sheila E, as time went on, she began to shift more towards singing. Then, she heard Mary J. Bilge for the first time, and the sound captured her. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. Over the years, Netta has evolved into a powerful vocalist and performer; developing her own style. Now she is determined on bringing true R&B back to music.

As a child Netta witnessed many things that brought pain to her life. Domestic violence between her mother and father, alcoholism, and losing her father at 12 to cancer within months of his diagnosis. She watched he mother struggle to support her and her younger sister, sometimes not even being able to put food on the table. However, she never wanted to differ her daughter’s dreams, so she always made a way to take her to the latest concerts, and enter her in contests or talent showcases. Netta observed every performance she attended and studied the work of the biggest and best in the industry to help further refine her craft. She struggled, looking for reliable management in her hometown, going through various situations to always be let down and left dissatisfied. After some time, she decided to take matters into her own hands, and used her own financial aid, from college to fund and put together her very first mixtape, “Meet Me On The Stage”.

During the process of putting the project together, Netta was faced with another tragedy. That summer, her younger sister fell victim to the gun violence of the city. She was murdered 6 blocks from their home. This put a permanent scar on Netta’s heart and moved her to think about how she could be a positive influence to the youth in her community. She reached out through her music, performing at every community based event that she could find. With a heavy heart she went on to finish her project and in October 2007, she officially released “Meet Me On The Stage”.

In April 2008, Netta participated in the “Def Jam Mega Star Search” put together by Shakir Stewart. After performing her single “Music”, she proved that she was ready and eager to move to the next level in her music career and she was selected as the winner of the contest. She began working with Shakir and his staff to find her place in the music industry. November of that year, another door was slammed in her face with the untimely death of Shakir Stewart. This put her back at square one. She went back to the drawing board and went on to independently release her EP “Electrik Rebel Sounds” in 2009, and another mixtape, “Love, Pain, & Music” in 2010.

In 2011, fate came knocking at her door. She was pursued by an Atlanta based production company, L7 Ent. That summer, she left her home, job, and family behind to relocate for a month to record. She went to Atlanta and worked relentlessly recording 18 songs in 30 days. She left Atlanta in September to return to her life in California, hoping that her chance would be on the way. In October she got the call. She went to New York City to meet Andre Harrell, and label executives at Atlantic Records and on December 20th, she inked a deal with Atlantic. Since doing so, she has moved to Atlanta to start the process of recording her first album and she’s working every day on what she hopes will be a timeless display of herself, her story, and her heart.

This is “I Give You”

This is “Crime Scene,” featuring Too $hort

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