Which One Would You Hit???

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Posted by Bossip Staff

LL Cool J and Joe were on the scene in NY last night requiring all the fellas to keep a watchful eye on their women. These experienced gents could probably teach a girl a thing or two, so which one would you hit?

Here are a bunch of pics from the New Yorkers For Children Wrap to Rap event.

A ton of pics are waiting for you when you…

These are pics from the Diamond Empowerment Fundraising event at Greenhouse.

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  • dayg715

    LL, of course. it doesn’t get any hotter than him. and why does mario have his hands in his pockets the entire time? lol

  • Denise K

    LL all day long till I cant walk!!!

  • Cee

    Joe definitely, even though his looks aint all that I love his music, tell L.L. old wanna be young a** that its time for his jello.

  • Oshie - "Even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes, I'm ready to go...."

    LL looks like a ninja turtle in that jacket.

    Joe I guess…. although I saw about 5 better-looking dudes on the way to work.

  • Jay Jay III

    @ Encyclopedia Brown – man how ya’ll upload them pics on here?

  • MACK

    BOTH……….Im greedy….LOL

  • Raquel26


    Ain’t nobody touching my hubby, Idris Elba.

  • msgoodie goodie


  • sour grapes

    LL look “HOW YOU DOIN”

  • Nina Knows

    Joe I guess, since he got good music and swag…. But LL need to stop dressing like he’s in middle school.

  • cocosensationatl

    LL.. he is fine. Joe is a little slow


    LL if he weren’t married. And Joe only likes large hispanic women, so that counts me out………


    Hell No!! They both look like some Busters!!!

    But I loved Joe singing “BABY WHERE YOU ATTTT????”

    SideNote: Although Mario has a rather large head, he’s grown into a handsome man!!!

  • Oshie - "Even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes, I'm ready to go...."

    LOL @ Lacombe, you need to stop talking to Daywalker.

  • http://myspace.com/wyfy WyzePro -

    why these cats look retired?

  • Monique

    Joe…..ALL DAY!!! I looooooove me some Joe….by the way Joe’s new cd is PURE FIYAHHH…A New Man is BY FAR pretty much THE BEST R & B cd in a minute….he ALWAYS holds it down

    and when I say his cd is amazig, it REALLY truly is, from beginning to the end. So to answer the question, UHHHH JOE. I know his sex is gotta be amzing


    I’d go with Joe he seems more romantic and I love his voice.

    Malinda Williams is getting crazy publicity and she’s looking great every time.

  • Roni

    LL if he kept his hat on, cause I hate an oversized bald head.

  • Joey Bishop

    ll cool j lokin like young jeezy daddy


    Im not even gonna dignify this bullshyt with an answer…

  • Butterflygirl

    LL is married, but I can go to church after and get right..lol

  • Aunt Viv

    I’ll take Joe, if only to cream those ashy knuckles and give him some Blistex for the lips…

    Hey WyzePro, Daywalker, Oshie, Lacombe, Lady Architect, Sweet Cheeks! Y’all have a good day.

  • Kimberlee (I Want Somethin Else)

    morning all…

    i love me some LL. thought this is not him at his best….

    take off that jacket baby.

  • Kimberlee (I Want Somethin Else)


  • MyOwnBeat

    What’s up with the green beads?

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