Stephon Marbury’s Taxicab Confessions

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Stephon Marbury took the stand today in the sexual harassment case against Isiah Thomas and revealed some interesting details about his sexual encounter with a Knicks intern:

Via Fox Sports:

New York Knick guard Stephon Marbury was grilled about seedy sex with a team intern in a truck as he took the witness stand at his boss Isiah Thomas’ sexual-harassment trial — a case Marbury admitted he’s laughed off from the start. Hunched in the hot seat in a stylish tan checked jacket, Marbury ‘fessed up to crassly luring the college student into his vehicle outside a strip club, calling out, “Are you going to get in the truck?” He said she answered, “Yes.”

“It really wasn’t a conversation,” said the cocky team captain, admitting he knew the woman was an intern but denying he was aware she was drunk.

Contradicting Marbury’s claim that he’d picked up the intern outside the strip club, Sanders said the basketball star actually propositioned her at St. John’s University in Queens after following her and his cousin there in his truck. Weeping and sniffling, Sanders recalled how the distraught intern had told her, “I wouldn’t have gotten in [the truck], but I felt like I had to.” “When she got into the car, she basically did whatever he wanted her to do. They basically had sexual relations,” said Sanders, dabbing her eyes as she revealed that the intern was dating Marbury’s cousin, Gonsalves. “She considered it consensual because she got in the car,” Sanders said.

Sanders said she immediately reported the incident to Knick officials, but they never questioned Marbury about the incident – a failure that the fired executive is using to bolster her case that the Garden failed to address sexual-harassment complaints.

This clown can’t be serious…jumpin off with an intern? She wasn’t even on the payroll. He should have learned from Bill Clinton. SMH.

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