Busted! Celebrities Caught Trying To Make Late-Night Rendezvous

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Celebrity Late-Night Rendezvous

Celebs have booty calls too.

However, celebrities have to have special techniques to have booty calls without getting caught. Still, these celebrities got totally busted while trying to move in silence. Try harder next time!

Take a look at the failed secret trysts…

Kate Upton and Mark Sanchez – They got busted a couple of months ago after making a late-night connection that’s apparently been going on for a while. Oooohhh.

Reggie Bush and January Gessert – Gessert was Bush’s side-piece when he was supposed to be with Kimmy Cakes. Pics of her leaving his place one morning totally ruined his relationship.

Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian – They were both married when they were together, so they wanted to keep it secret. But that all fell apart when the tabloids caught them making out at a bar.

Amber Rose and Reggie Bush – When they were both fresh off of their break-ups they tried to have a secret affair but the cameras caught them getting their snuggle on. Later Amber admitted to having little affair.

Drake and Nicole Scherzinger – They didn’t have a booty call that we know about, but reports had them meeting for a late-night restaurant date. He had to have at least painted her toenails!

Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna – Just the other night Rih Rih was allegedly caught sneaking over the Ashton’s crib.

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    Rashard Lewis and Rihanna – Rihanna was caught leaving Rashard’s spot one night when he was with the Magic. She clearly was like YOLO because she rolled out early in the morning cameras and all.

    Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly – They were supposed to break up but they were caught having fresh freak fests on their time off.

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