Skippin’ Out on the Tab

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Usher’s mom is being investigated by one-time:

Police have launched an investigation looking into whether or not Usher’s mother and former manager, Jonnetta Patton, scammed a limo driver during the recent BET Awards.

A freelance limo driver says that Patton used his services for her Atlanta-based transportation company, but never paid him his $1,668 for services. He has since filed a complaint. According to TMZ, Patton’s camp is currently mum regarding the complaint and investigation. Dekalb County detectives are actively looking into the case.

Come on, Jonetta; you couldn’t afford to pay that little tab? We can only imagine that something must have happened to disrupt her monthly allowance from Usher. SMH


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  • Hannibal (OH Baby You...You Got What I Neeeeed)

  • US Air Force

    wow she trippin..

  • Raquel26

    Okay, so she cant pay her bills? Its hard not having a job and depending on your son for financial support!

  • Joey Bishop

    usher moma is fine

  • Mock Rock Stardust(Mock Rock says give a hoot and don't pollute so if U are a garbage ass person please place yourself in the dumpster)

    Take her ass to jail

  • I Love Being Black

    Say it ain’t so, Jonetta?!?

  • Blacksmith

    Please, this is probably nothing more than an oversight. $1600 is NOTHING when you have millions. Her assistant probably didn’t write the check, not her.


  • Razzell Dazzell

    Whatever….this limo driver is lame, a simple phone call to usher could have probably gotton this character double. Instead, he wants publicity.Leave Ms. Raymond alooooooone!

  • K-mia

    DeKalb County!! heyy!!

  • Ms. T.

    Where is Ben Vereen when you need him?

  • roe ski love

    Believe this celebrities and their cohorts are notorious for not paying people or complaining about their services to get it free or for a discount. The limo driver has no choice but to pursue the person who ordered the limo. Pay up or else get your name smeared in the paper like it should be.

  • Its The Foosa

    why are the police looking into this…this is a civil matter that should be handled in small claims court, not criminal.

  • roe ski love

    @foosa When living in Georgia you must know their laws. Anytime you don’t pay, or write a bad check to pay, it becomes a criminal matter in Georgia. Any law enforcement personal has the power to arrest you, even the dog catcher can arrest you. Ushers mom better watch herself messing with peoples stacks.

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