What Is Wrong With This Picture?!?

- By Bossip Staff

The devil is a liar…

Their have been a lot of grassroots movement to stir up attention to the Trayvon Martin murder case but this is just some other isht! A group of low-life promoters have planned a “Hoodies and Heels” party in Orlando, Florida to “commemorate” the life of Trayvon, even stating that all profits made at the party will benefit the family of the slain teen.

Excuse us for being concerned but HOW the hell is a night at the club supposed to bring justice for Trayvon? Somebody doing the tootsie roll and making that azz clap to the latest Wacka Flocka song is not going to put Zimmerman in cuffs! Music by DJ Nasty!?! You all need a seat, arm chair and hammock.

One can not be part of a movement if you do not understand what you are moving for. Do better people.


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