Eff A Geraldo: A Gallery Of Lovable, Wholesome White People Rocking Hoodies…Should They Get Shot, Too?!

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White Celebrities In Hoodies

Geraldo has put his foot in his mouth by saying that Blacks and Hispanics shouldn’t wear hoodies because it represents a “gangsta” image. Well, news flash Mr. Stache! Here are some white celebrities that are known to rock hoodies.

Are the perpetuating a thug lifestyle, too? Didn’t think so. Witcha racist a$$.

Geraldo Rivera – Look! Even HE rocks hoodies in the rain. If only someone would have…never mind.

Lindsay Lohan

Jessica Simpson

The Twilight Creeps

Sarah Jessica Parker

Justin Bieber

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    Avril Lavigne

    Tara Reid

    Elijah Wood

    Gwen Stefani

    Aubrey O’Day

    Sandra Bullock

    Tobey Mcguire

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