Kat Stacks admits to lying about Soulja Boy's drug use

No Isht Sherlock: Kat Stacks FINALLY Admits That She Is A Dirty, Shady, Deceitful Hoe That Lied About Soulja Boy’s Cocaine Use!

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Kat Stacks Admits To Lying About Soulja Boy’s Alleged Cocaine Use

After years of lies, hoe-ing, drugs, and more hoe-ing, Kat Stacks has finally decided to purge her semen-stained soul and confess her sins to her Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ…and her Twitter followers.

By this time you’ve already heard all of her exploits, especially the infamous video where she outed rapper Soulja Boy as a yayo-sniffing, pay-for-play, trick.

After the flippy, take a look at the apologetic tweets she sent out from prison while she awaits deportation.

You’d need a HAZMAT suit to clean this broad’s dirty laundry.


Lights, camera, Katction!

Wait, so which is it? You were “influenced by others”, or, you “take full responsibility”???

So, the truth is free, but the pu**y costs a couple dollars? Gotcha.

Ohhhhh, we beg to differ…

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    God has a Blackberry? He should really consider upgrading…

    B!t¢h please!

    But you’re a soon-to-be-deported hoe though? Realistically, we see abortion clinics and STDs in your future.

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