Rumor Control: Was Whitney Houston’s Casket Photo Leaker Also Her Drug Dealer?

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Raffles Van Exel May Have Leaked Whitney Houston’s Casket Photo And Sold Her Drugs

No rest for the dead

A man has allegedly come forward, claiming he’s filing an affidavit with the Beverly Hills and LAPD based on Whitney Houston’s “friend”, Raffles Van Exel who also leaked the photo of her in the casket, was her main drug supplier up until her death:

HollywoodStreetKing is reporting that the man filing the affidavit lives outside the U.S. and has spoken with the authorities prior to Whitney’s death, but the claims where “swept under the rug.” Now that Whitney’s cause of death has been revealed, there’s been more questions and less answers.

“Raffles always enters the country illegally. The first time he was deported was 13 years ago after being arrested in Chicago for shoplifting. Raffles has been deported at least 6 times now.

Raffles comes into your life when your down. He latched onto Michael during the molestation trial. He got Whitney during her depression.

Raffles served no purpose except being the drug supplier in these celebrity camps which he infiltrated with lies. Pat and Gary new what Raffles’ role was, yet they still allowed him to remove all evidence from the room before paramedics and police arrived.

Pat and Gary also new that Raffles had taken and sold the photos (gurney and tub) to the tabloids well before they invited him to fly on Tyler Perry’s private jet as Whitney’s body was flown home.

Raffles was on SBS6 over here in Holland, he told the reporter that he was the “only” person authorized to clean all the drugs and paraphernalia out of the room.I met Raffles through a friend, his stories were always so grandiose most people didn’t believe him. Then he would have pictures of himself with all these big American celebrities. So people figured some of what he said must be true.

A Dutch singer named Connie was conned by Raffles several years ago after Raffles told her he arranged for her to sing at the birthday party for then president G.W. Bush. It never happened.”

How has this shady scumbag not been questioned? When all eyes have been focused on Whitney’s associates and friends, how how this creep with the ridiculously shade past flown so under the radar??? We need answers!


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