Let’s Celebrate Mariah Carey’s Birthday By Looking At Her Hottest Looks And Past Flings!

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Mariah Carey’s Hottest Looks, Flings

In case you didn’t notice, it’s MiMi’s birthday! It’s a celebration, b***es!

We already showed you her best songs and now it’s time to take it back to her past flings and her best looks. No wonder Nick Cannon feels so lucky.

Without further ado, Mariah Carey, this is your liiiiiiife!

Tommy Mottola – They were married all through the 90s. It helped launch her career!

Derek Jeter – She’s one of the many, many women he’s put on his mantle.

Luis Miguel – Mariah loved those model types and she enjoyed her single life. Luis was just one example.

Christian Monzon – Apparently she got really cozy with this co-star from the “Don’t Forget About Us” video.


Leonardo DiCaprio – Leo chopped her down when he was just a hot heartthrob to the youngsters.


Marcus Schenkenberg – Another model-type for her chopping pleasure.

And now, the super-hot pictures of her in her best costumes!

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