What The Hell?? Some Piece Of Isht Created “Trayvon Martin Deserved To Be Shot” Facebook Page, Plus Official Police Report

- By Bossip Staff

“Trayon Martin Deserved To Be Shot” Facebook Page

This isht is getting way out of hand and these people are totally out of pocket. Some sick and racist f**k thought it was a ‘cute’ idea to start a Facebook page called..Trayon Martin Deserved To Be Shot. Here’s a little blurb from the page:

Trayvon committed felony assault and inflicted serious injury before being justifiably shot. I would have shot this creep BEFORE he inflicted head injuries upon me (assuming brandishing my gun didn’t stop the aggressive actions of Trayvon).

Thus far there are only 13 “Likes” on this azzhole’s page and hopefully it stays that way. SMH.

R.I.P. and justice for Trayvon Martin.

Check out the Official Police Report for shooting death of Trayvon Martin here.

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