Just How Desperate is Tyra Banks: Chingy

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Via Star Magazine:

Tyra Banks is wasting no tears over ex-boyfriend, Madea’s Family Reunion producer and star Tyler Perry. In fact, a source tells Star that the supermodel/mogul has been busy playing footsie with rapper Chingy! The pair first met on an episode of Tyra Banks’ talk show last year when Chingy revealed to Tyra that he had a thing for fine women’s feet. Tyra immediately tore off her shoes and plopped her tootsies right down on Chingy’s lap — embarrassing the poor rapper! (It seems that Tyra had neglected to have a recent pedicure.) Hoping for a second chance with the handsome St. Louis native, Tyra recently invited Chingy back to her show to tape not one but two episodes for November sweeps — and this time, Tyra made sure to have her toes done! “On the first episode, Tyra tried to kiss Chingy, and he seemed to be taken aback by her forwardness,” an audience member tells Star, “But the next day, Tyra teased Chingy, saying, ‘I have a fresh pedi!” Chingy immediately rubbed and kissed Tyra’s bare feet and then said, ‘I know I was a little taken back the other day, but now I’m ready for a real kiss!’ and the two locked lips! You could see the sparks fly!”

Well, Tyra Banks has been screaming out loud that she is desperate. I guess this tells us just how desperate she is. The $50 million+ moguls and athletes are probably not checking for Tyra anymore. Time to test out the $100K album advance money market.

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