Which One is Packin’???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Between the almondy NBA superstar, Carmelo Anthony, or the milk chocolate crooner, Tyrese, which one of these fellows do you think is packin’ enough to make a sister seriously consider celibacy?

More pics from the launch of the Jordan Melo M5 event in Hollyweird below.

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  • JustSpeaking

    FIRST. good morning

  • JustSpeaking

    damn 2nd


    OH MY GAWD is that my man Carmelo….gotdaym tgif 4sho!!!! MELLOOO!


    You know if it wasn’t for that daym Lala I’d like to make it a point to know if Melo’s packing personally….started my day off right with this….


    Lawd help me from keep coming in here today….


    I can see Carmelo’s package print in his pants…….let me keep starring…

  • MACK

    LOL….ok PUPPLE…..but uhhh both of them are packin, but i think Carmello might be packin enough to make a sister seriously consider celibacy…Tyrese is prolly packin nice too, enough to make a sister seriously consider gettin it once a month…LOL…they both look like they got monsters tho…LOL

  • beloved

    Tyrese! Tyrese! Tyrese!, damn that’s 1 fine ass brotha right there

  • zee

    always had a thing for Tyrese

  • sugarwalls

    Both…Camelo and Tyrese can get it…

  • Dizzy McElroy

    Wow. Women are perverts. Men don’t view women like sex objects.

  • Baby Girl

    Both of them could get it…but im loving Carmello is swagger got a chick grinning from ear to ear he made my day I just found me a screen saver mmmmhmmm!

  • It'sME

    I think it’s Carmelo becasuse he got LaLa azz lockdown or dick-down and they still aint married! LOL But she always there and plus he’s cute! Both of them could get it!

  • MzMonieLove

    I think Tyrese could do some damage, but I would do some thangs to Carmelo…lol

  • FallinPoet("Do you think about me now & then?")

    i ACTUALLY THINK THEYRE both packin…. but i think tyrese’s fine ass is packin a lil more 😀 & i really dont know what ppl see in melo man..

  • Necy

    Tyrese!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM, sexual Chocolate!!

  • Aunt Viv

    Carmelo, B’more’s cutie right there. See that smile on La La’s face?

  • it's me dammit!!!

    I think both are packin, but Melo probably has the thang that will make u consider celibacy, look how tall he is? Plus he is a cutie, love his smile…..

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Damn JODI! It’s all about the chocolate brothas today, even though my own man is yellow (I don’t even know how he got me to look his way, he’s so light lol!) But I still love ’em dark with pretty teeth, MOTHERLAND STYLE!

  • what?

    What do you mean consider celibacy…like the dude is TOO big???

  • dayg715

    tyrese all the way. that’s what you call ‘sexual chocolate’.


    lala aint lettin Carmelo go nowhere…she be on them heels!

  • Tealeaf

    Carmelo cause he has a steady income

  • http://signoftimes@msn.org mild sauce part of the sauce family tradition

    Hey my sweetie NIK U , whats up lovely im going on vac for a whole week n i will surely miss your sweet face have a good holliday babes!

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