When The Checks Stop Coming In: Dennis Rodman’s Lawyer Says The Rumors Of His Deadbeat Steez Are Not True

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Somebody lyin’

Dennis Rodman’s Lawyers Says He Is NOT A Deadbeat Dad

Dennis Rodman’s lawyer said Wednesday that the retired NBA player is not a “deadbeat dad,” following court papers filed Tuesday that claimed Rodman owes more than $800,000 in child support.

“The way that it’s being painted makes it sound like he’s in horrible shape,” Rodman’s lawyer, Linnea Willis, told ABCNews.com. “This makes him sound like he’s a deadbeat dead. The bottom line here is that Dennis Rodman has always paid child support to the best of his ability and will continue to do so.”

On Tuesday, a lawyer for Rodman’s ex-wife, Michelle Rodman, filed papers in a Los Angeles court claiming Rodman owed more than $800,000 in back child support for the couple’s 9- and 10-year-old children as of March 1st. He was previously ordered to pay his ex-wife $50,000 per month for child support. In response, Willis filed a motion to counter the $50,000 per month order.

She said that order was issued in 2010 “without consideration of Dennis’ actual income, but rather was based on an exaggerated income amount made up by his ex-wife’s attorneys.” She also said that Rodman was not properly served legal papers.

Rodman’s manager, Darren Prince, said Rodman has been paying “at least $4,000 or $5,000” to his ex-wife each month. Willis said the court “didn’t have evidence about all the payments that were made.”

“The only thing that was at issue was for certain months that her attorney brought up, he did pay something but it wasn’t enough,” Willis said.

A sentencing hearing for Rodman has been set for May 29. While his ex-wife’s attorney said Rodman faces jail time for his inability to pay child and spousal support, Willis said the judge “made it very clear he’s not going to give him jail time.”

Sounds like Dennis’ ex-wife is diggin’ for gold.

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