Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: California Millionaire Accidentally Gives Winning Lottery Ticket to Homeless Man… Now She Wants It Back!

- By Bossip Staff

A California woman who won $1 million in the lottery in January claims she hit another $260,000 last week but she gave the ticket away by accident. Lottery officials say though the case is still open it appears she gave her latest winning ticket away:

Emily Leach of Mountain View, California, thanked her lucky stars in January when she won $1 million on a lottery ticket, which was desperately needed to payoff substantial medical debts. With the new revenue, she performed random acts of kindness, like offering $100 to a homeless man waiting behind her in line at the same liquor store where she bought the winning ticket.

Despite already hitting the jackpot, the past winner still plays, and was at the liquor store to pickup an armload of Scratchers cards. During the transaction with the homeless man, she accidentally handed over one of her cards. The San Jose Mercury reports that Leach’s act of generosity turned out to be much grander than she originally anticipated:

“Just how generous became apparent Sunday. That’s when Leach learned a lottery ticket purchased while she was in line had hit for $260,000. The still unidentified man she gave the $100 returned to the store Saturday to say he had the ticket, and according to Leach, to claim that her good luck had rubbed off on him.

There was just one problem: Leach insists she never intended to buy the lottery ticket for him, and she wants it back.

“That’s my ticket,” Leach said. “He knows it’s my ticket. I feel like I’m going to come off as a huge, huge beyotch if I say, ‘You need to give me my ticket back.’ “

The California Lottery Commission is investigating Leach’s claim, but state officials tell ABC News that it looks like Leach gave the ticket away in security footage.

People fighting over lottery tickets, talk about first world problems!


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