Nicki Minaj Has Wardrobe Malfunction On "American Idol," Has Heated Exchange With Jennifer Lopez

Nicki Minaj Busts Out Boobies In “American Idol” Wardrobe Malfunction Then Beefs It Up With J.Lo!

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Nicki Minaj Has Wardrobe Malfunction And Heated Exchange With Jennifer Lopez On “American Idol”

Ya girl Nicki Minaj was beefin it up and letting it all hang out on “American Idol” Thursday!

Nicki Minaj both busted out of her low-cut top and started a verbal war with Jennifer Lopez while appearing on “American Idol” last night.

The “Superbass” rapper appeared on “Idol” to promote her sophomore album “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded,” which will be released on Tuesday. But while Minaj delivered an upbeat performance of her new song, “Starships,” she couldn’t help but raise a little trouble.

Minaj arrived on the “Idol” stage, exiting from a pink and purple UFO. The singer wore a blonde wig, and showed off her ample curves in a rainbow colored bra top and skirt. As Minaj danced, her chest bounced heavily. At one point in the performance, the rapper turned around, appearing to tuck herself back into her top.

“That was fun,” host Ryan Seacrest said, interviewing the star as she finished her song. “There were parts of that performance that were a little high-risk, if you know what I’m saying.”

Minaj sounded embarrassed grumbling, “I know.” But she quickly bounced back, making a pitch to be a judge on the show.

“I was hoping maybe I could come back and be a guest judge,” Minaj said. “JLo, can you scoot over a little bit? Let me get up in there.”

“Hey, hey,” responded Lopez, appearing taken aback. “I don’t know if there’s enough room for both of us.”

While the exchange appeared a touch heated, Minaj later explained to The Hollywood Reporter that she was not actually gunning to replace Lopez.

“She didn’t seem to be having it but she gonna have it!” Minaj said, before clarifying that she had been kidding. “No, actually, I love JLo. I love what she’s done for pop culture. I have nothing but respect for her and we were just joking around … Something like ‘American Idol,’ it’s iconic and has been around for so long and created so many stars. I would love to [guest judge] but as far as sitting down every week, I can’t.”

Minaj’s “American Idol” performance no doubt soothed any fans who worried that her new album would be too dark after her bizarre Grammys performance of “Roman Holiday,” which showed the exorcism of her alter ego “Roman Zolanski” and was called “vulgar” by the Catholic League. Minaj’s “Starships” is pure pop music confection, much more in line with her hit “Superbass.”

Sounds like much ado about nada if you ask us. Are you feelin’ Nicki’s song “Starships”? Something tells us it’s not gonna be quite as big as “Superbass”

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