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Vanity Fair Includes Kerry Washington In Story About Television Starlets But Pushes Her Off To The Side, In The Background And On Inside Cover

It’s the same thing over and over again with “these people” over at Vanity Fair. Either they don’t include African-Americans at all in their feature stories, or if they do — it’s only one “token” representation who gets poor placement on the cover and inside the magazine.

Peep how Kerry Washington is pushed into the far right background of this shot? Yeah, we’re willing to bet that’s not an accident. Oh, but we guess it’s because her show “Scandal” is new right? Well if it’s a success these muhfuggas had BETTER put her bangin’ self on the cover as the center of attention. SMH. Shame on them for doing this again!

Photos Credit: Vanity Vair/Norman Jean Roy

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