Turn Off The Mic: Celebrities That Tried To Sing And Made Our Ears Bleed!

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Celebrities That Failed Trying To Sing

We all have major dreams. We want to be musicians, rappers, actors and all-around superstars. However, we’re not all able to live out those dreams. But these celebrities at least still try. And fail. While they may even sell records, their voices were unbearable.

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Eddie Murphy – “Party All The Time” gets stuck in your and never leaves. Like herpes.

Kim Kardashian – What’s worse than her song with The-Dream? Getting shot in the face. But just barely.

Kanye West – His songs aren’t bad, but the man just can’t sing to save his life. Thank God for autotune.

Nicki Minaj – Her singing is a revenge against your ears. Believe that.

Diddy – His Dirty Money experiment was a total failure. We can agree on that, right?

Tyra Banks – What’s worse than Tyra Banks singing? Kobe Bryant rapping on the same song. That’s a double-sized fail.

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    Lil Wayne – His singing voice makes his clothes look normal and not like a clown. So there. That’s a positive.

    Carl Lewis – Back in the early-90s, Olympic track and field star Carl Lewis tried to sing The National Anthem. And it was one of the worst fails in National Anthem history.

    Paris Hilton – Her song was called “BFF”. We can imagine what at least one of those “F’s” should have stood for.

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