High And Dry: The Most Disrespected Exes Of All Time

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The Most Disrespected Exes Of All Time

Break-ups happen in one of two ways: either the couples leave amicably or things get ugly. And one person ends up getting dogged out forever and ever. We’re going to take the time to highlight some of these unfortunate people that ended up breaking up and getting dragged through the mud.


Amber Rose – Yeezy dogged her out and made her the subject of so many of his songs. She even cried to everyone about it too. Good to see she’s doing fine.

shaniqua tompkins

Shaniqua Tompkins – She’s 50’s baby momma and her house mysteeeeriously burned down. *Side-eye*


Pilar Sanders – Deion’s kids keep slandering her and there were even reports that his aunt laid the smackdown on her.


Nas – His baby momma, Kelis, cleaaaaaned him out and had him depressed for a while.


Drake – He’s a target for ex scorn. They either say he can’t hang in the bed or just call him soft. And all he does is say nice things about them in songs.

nick cannon

Nick Cannon – He’s been called every dirty name by exes including Christina Milian who called him everything but a child of God.

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    Robin Givens – Iron Mike didn’t bash her as much as everyone else did. Now she’s the worst example of a golddigger ever.


    Reggie Bush – He tried to court Kimmy for months only to get ignored and dumped for Yeezy.

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