More Shady Swirl Hookup Drama: RihRih Reportedly Stormed Out Of Ashton’s Crib After Finding Naughty Text Messages From Demi Moore!!!

- By Bossip Staff

Rihanna Reportedly Ended Relationship With Ashton Kutcher After Finding Undressed Photos Of Demi Moore She Texted After Their Breakup

Rumors continue to abound about the circumstances of RihRih and Ashton Kutcher’s steamy shady swirl hookup — and Demi’s role in it finally unraveling! We finally have a better idea about why Demi “felt sick” after she heard about the liaison…

DEMI MOORE told a pal she got “sick to her stomach” when she saw paparazzi shots of RIHANNA, looking pissed off, slipping out of mega-cheat hubby ASHTON KUTCHER’s “bachelor” pad at 4 a.m.

The buzz leaking from under the door of Ashton’s “Two and a Half Men” dressing room says RiRi freaked and fled in fury after she “stumbled across” hot, nearly in the buff pics Demi had texted to Ashton… “AFTER their breakup!”

Backstage Source says: “Rihanna exploded, telling Ashton in no uncertain terms that she does NOT want to get involved if there’s the slightest chance of anyone getting abused – physically or emotionally.”

This sounds so familiar… at least as far as the lookin’ through dudes phone goes. But we’re guessing that this time if anyone is in danger of being abused it’s probably Ashton!

So… do you believe it???


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