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Tyler Perry Bought Oprah And Gayle King Bentleys As A Gift

So these are the kind of gifts rich people give each other…

Via Vanity Fair:

G.W. You are also very good friends with Tyler Perry. I read somewhere that he gave you a brand-new white Bentley for Christmas.

G.K. It was actually in the summertime. He called to take me and Oprah to lunch, and Tyler pulled up in this gorgeous Bentley. Oprah liked it, so he sent her the same exact car. I called Tyler and told him how amazing that was because nobody ever does anything like that for her, on such a grand scale. And, so, the next day when I got home, there was a Bentley in my driveway!

Wow. They living that good life!!

Gayle also speaks on Lesbian rumors:

G.W. You and Oprah seemed to get a kick last year out of the rumor flurry that you were lesbian lovers.

G.K. Well, it used to be upsetting to me when it first happened years ago. But now, to me, it’s so stupid. It doesn’t bother me in the least. The thing that troubles me more than anything is that, if we were, why would we keep it a secret? Hiding it would not be her philosophy or my philosophy. That’s why it’s just so stupid to me.


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