Shook Ones:The Dumbest Celebrity Lies Of All Time

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The Dumbest Celebrity Lies Of All Time

“Two things I hate, liars and thieves they make my blood boil” – Andre 3000

Liars are all over the place. And we can’t even hate on them too much. But when you make a horrible lie that nobody believes and try to stick to it? No country for that. Ever.

Let’s look at some dummies and the dumb lies they try to hold on to.

Rick Ross – He said he wasn’t a parole officer. But we got the pictures! It took him forever to fess up and his lies were dumb as hell.

Havoc – So someone stole your phone and tweeted from the computer? You’re incredibly dumb. You that desperate for attention?

LeBron – He’s trying to convince us all that his hairline isn’t doing a Michael Jordan fadeaway. We know better, Bron Bron.

Tiger Woods – Tiger stayed trying to deny even after voicemails came out.

Anthony Weiner – We see your dong dong. It’s not like you’d want to put up someone else’s flapjack on there.

George W. Bush – So the war wasn’t about oil? And you didn’t steal the election? Worst. President. Ever.

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    R. Kelly – We all saw the video of him peeing on a kid. But here’s the crazy part: he got a jury to believe him!

    O.J. Simpson – So…we know how this lie turned out.

    Rihanna and Chris Brown – They’ve basically said “WE’RE BACK TOGETHER” for everyone to see. But they’re still trying to deny it. Poor Karrueche.

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