Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Tells His Side Of The “Lamar Odom Gets Fired From Dallas” Story

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Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Speaks On Firing Lamar Odom

So basically Mark Cuban was like “Is you is or is you ain’t a Maverick?”…and Lammy was like — “No, I’m a Kardashian, and I gotta go suck on my wife’s tweet for the cameras now.”

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, saying he hopes Lamar Odom’s departure is “addition by subtraction,” confirmed that a heated halftime confrontation between the owner and 13-year veteran was the breaking point that prompted the team and player to part ways.

During halftime of his final game with the Mavs, Odom and Cuban had the exchange in the visitors locker room Saturday night in Memphis. Cuban confirmed Tuesday evening the crux of the heated halftime confrontation was Cuban questioning Odom’s commitment. Odom, who had played only four minutes in the first half, reacted angrily to the question, shouting “stop playing games” several times. Odom did not take his seat on the bench until after the third quarter began.

“Well, yeah,” Cuban said when asked whether that exchange was the final straw. “Just his response to it. Everybody goes through ups and downs. Every player does. We tried to put him in a position to succeed. You guys saw it, saw what we did. It didn’t work.

“And I just asked him, does he want to go for it or not? Is he in or is he out? I think he thought we were playing poker. I just didn’t get a commitment. And that was the end.” Cuban admitted Tuesday that Odom’s lack of commitment, which manifested itself in a lack of effort on the floor and habitual tardiness to team meetings, practices and shootarounds despite living across the street from the American Airlines Center, had been an issue all season. Cuban said he tried to turn the situation into a positive “the first 17 times,” but, with the defending NBA champions fighting for a playoff berth, the organization finally lost patience with Odom.

“We hope it’s addition by subtraction,” Cuban said. “Just put him in the Tariq Abdul-Wahad category and move on.” Abdul-Wahad, a name uttered with disdain in the Dallas front office, played a total of 18 games for the Mavericks after being acquired in a blockbuster trade from the Denver Nuggets in 2002. Abdul-Wahad was banished from the team, but he remained on the Mavs’ payroll for five seasons.

SMH. Sounds like Lammy was acting like a lil beyotch…and seriously though??? How you gonna argue with the OWNER ALL THE TIME and not expect to get canned??

Poor thang.


To add insult to…insult.

According to TMZ

Lamar Odom’s Dallas Mavericks jersey is barely worth the fabric it’s printed on — at least according to the team’s flagship merch store, which is dumping all Odom gear … for dirt cheap.

Distributors for the Dallas Mavericks Ultimate Fan Shop tell TMZ, the moment Lamar’s exit was announced they busted out clearance signs … and slashed prices in an effort to unload every last remnant of #7(ironic) merchandise.

As you can see by our photo-enhancing skills — the jerseys originally sold for $110 dollars a pop, but then dropped to $89.99. Now, the jerseys are going for a paltry $44.99. All other Odom merchandise was similarly marked down.

But it’s not exactly helping sales — we’re told the store has only hocked TWO of the jerseys collector’s items since cutting prices.

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