Why So Quiet? People Conspicuously Quiet About Trayvon Martin

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Celebrities Quiet About Trayvon Martin

The Trayvon Martin situation has been all over the news. And everyone has been talking about it. Or almost everyone. There have been some stars that have been conspicuously quiet about the situation and we’d love to hear them speak up.

What’s the hold up?!

Jay-Z – Rumor has it there’s a big rap song coming about the situation and we hope Jay is the man leading the call. He’s got the clout to make some waves.

Kanye West – Mr. “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People” is always outspoken. We’re sure he has something crazy to say.

Chris Rock – He’s one of the best political satirists around. Let’s get his words on everything and put a new perspective.

Rick Ross – Ricky is from Miami so it makes sense that he’ll go in. Who knows. Maybe he has his goons looking for Zimmerman.

Drake – Trayvon was probably a huge Drake fan. Send a kite his way, fam.

Charles Barkely – He’s a ticking time bomb. Sir Charles always has something wild to say, but he makes a good point. Give him some time at halftime.

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    Michelle Obama – We understand that she kind of has to stay quiet to not step on Barry’s toes. But we could use some words from her.

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