Eff A Stupid Thug: Man Ties 89 Bags Of Yayo To His Schlong And Gets Caught

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Man Ties 89 Bags Of Coke To Package, Arrested

Is that 89 bags of coke or are you happy to see us?

Eiserman said another officer was on routine patrol Friday when he pulled Woods over for a broken rear light and found marijuana in his car. When the officer searched Woods before placing him in the police cruiser, he discovered “a large bulge” in the front of his pants, Eiserman said.

Police say Woods actually had the balls to deny that there was any contraband down there.

“He stopped him for the traffic violation and one thing led to another,” Eiserman said.

Back at the station, Eiserman said, police discovered that Woods had tied a large plastic bag around his package that contained a whopping 89 small bags of suspected heroin and cocaine. Then things got messy.

“I tried to remove it. Unfortunately, and I don’t know if it was nervousness or not, but he started urinating all over,” Eiserman said.

Drugs. Packages. Peeing. This is the best story of all time. Brings a new meaning to “can’t wear skinny jeans cuz my knots so big,” doesn’t it?


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