Chubby Lumpkins Beef: Kelly Osbourne Says She’s Finally At Peace With Her Body But Stands By Her Attack On Christina Aguilera

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Kelly Osbourne Offers Body Confidence Tips But Disses Christina Aguilera

Kelly Osbourne penned an essay for Glamour about her struggle for body confidence, complete with a Do’s & Don’t’s list that includes a detailed explanation about why Christina Aguilera deserved her wrath. Check out the excerpts below:

On Overcoming Past Bullying And Insecurities:

I call myself an FFP: former fat person. And when you’re an FFP, you will always see in yourself what people used to bully you for. I grew up on the road with my father—yes, Ozzy Osbourne—but I came from a very, very small village, where everyone called me Kelly Smelly With the Big Belly Whose Dad’s on the Telly. It hurt so badly to be judged like that. Even now I don’t consider myself skinny. But I have put a lot of hard work into my body over the years, and in the process, I’ve really learned to love myself.

Dayummm they slayed her with that Kelly Smelly With The Big Belly business! No wonder she started doing drugs!

On The Price Of Perfection:

Women are so unforgiving of themselves. We don’t recognize our own beauty because we’re too busy comparing ourselves to other people. No, we are not all Gisele Bündchen; we’re not all Beyoncé. But I can tell you even the most beautiful girls in the world have felt insecure. And just seeing the pressure my friends Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss are under makes me never want to even be the prettiest woman in the room. There is no such thing as perfection.

These are all good points Kelly…

Why Christina Aguilera Must DieDeserved To Be Embarrassed On National TV:

Sometimes it’s other people’s voices you have to shut out. That’s what happened with me and Christina Aguilera, which people don’t understand. She called me fat for years. One night on Fashion Police I said, “F—k you. Now you’re fat too.” I didn’t say I wasn’t fat. I said, “Now you know how it feels.” And I’m sorry, but I stand by that. I make a point on the show never to say anything about anybody that I wouldn’t say directly to their face. I’m famous, and she’s famous; it doesn’t mean I can’t stand up for myself. I took it for 10 years and finally decided to be like, “You know what? I’m done.” And that’s the last thing I will ever say about it.

Famous last words! Somehow we doubt she’s done with Aguilera. And we’ll be waiting with the popcorn for Round 3!

SourceMatthias Vriens-McGrath/Glamour/WENN

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