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This brawl was embarrassing as hell to watch:

KIRKWOOD (KMOX) — It’s the latest video seen around the world, capturing a huge fight at a St. Louis Community College campus. The incident, which happened Monday, begins with a woman getting into an argument with another woman while holding her young daughter. One of the women begins to attack the woman as she holds the child. Eventually, she backs away and puts the child down and the two really start to go after each other. More fights erupt. At one point, a pile of people rolled around in the bushes while throwing punches at each other. The first woman even shrieks, “Where’s my baby?!?” First faculty members, then campus police step in and try and calm things down. A circle of stunned students stood and watched. Of those involved, three were arrested and charged with assault. Five were expelled from the college.

Now, we don’t suggest you turn the page and watch the video to see this debauchery… not before turning down your volume and clearing the kids because these heffa’s are loud!



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