Recession Stacks: Ho Applications See Dramatic Increase

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

According to ABC News, legal brothels are seeing a dramatic increase in applications and also less money from customers:

“I have more ladies coming in now than I ever did before because of the economic times,” she said. “They’re all coming in. [It’s] the only way to make some decent money in this time and age. Jobs are not that many available because of the economic times and they can make more money doing this than they can flipping burgers at McDonald’s.”

“Well, recently, business has dropped off dramatically dollar-wise, a lot of men coming in, a lot of parties, but less money,” she said. “They don’t have as much to spend.”

Ho applications are on the rise and ho prices are coming down. Citibank and General Motors are about to go under.

Bush, our government, and Wallstreet have really done us in. SMH.


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    Wow! What can you say about this?????

  • Sinner


  • Informed

    You must mean Reno. There are not any legal brothels in Las Vegas. Prostitution is legal in Nevada but not Clark County.

  • Daywalker(A long distance from my girl, and I'm talkin on my cellular, She said that she was sorry and I said Yeah, the hell you were!!!)


    No doubt! Obviously someone’s never been to “Sin City” and wrote this article with out checking their facts! šŸ˜†

  • snoop bloggy blog


  • anchord "HISTORY (new athem)"

    recession my ass. people are spending all kinds of cash on private jets, football games, etc… ain’t nobody looking to eat termites tonight for a meal in the US. lets look forward; wages are going up inflation is down. stupid things are gonna go away- BUSH


    Pahrump is a 45 minute drive outta Vegas…and the closest legal cat houses.The “talent” is passable…but not worth the drive…and definitely not worth the asking price.Even the truly high end babes that stay in Vegas are back at the cosmetics counters at Neiman Marcus.Not that many big spenders these days.”Ballers” ‘aint trynna’ buy out the VIP in clubs these days either.Fewer “celebrities” are getting “show-up” fees to party in the big clubs.You can get a room at a nice strip hotel for under a c-note.Most people throwing money around the last coupla’ three years were living a lie anyway.

  • So easy a caveman can do it

    Sign of the times….LOL

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    Rihanna wouldn’t need an application for this. Everyone knows she’s bonified hooka-hoe

  • Oshie's Weekend Madness

    They wanted to be hos all along, they just needed an excuse.

  • Elo

    “decent” money??? In what way?

  • B-Nice

    Hoes got to eat!!

  • Once A Ho Always A Ho!

    it ain’t tricking if you can afford it

  • *MiSsUndersto0d*

    lol damnn, datz wha ppl r resortin 2 nowadayz? smh..

  • JOEY B

    damn i done seen everything now….even prostitues gettin layed off…”smh”

  • samech

    Some girls make millions (the girl with the govenor) and some girls make a million cents…I always said I would never…what if the guy is butt ugly….if it came between working at a brothel and joining the army (I said I wouldn’t do that either) I would join the army…

  • Carla

    Okay what’s the purpose of the sign: No weapons or cell phones ? Lol….

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