Lawsuits: High-Ranking NYPD Cops Face Discrimination Suit, Depositions Reveal Captain And Lieutenant Used Racial Slurs To Address Blacks, Treated Them “Like Animals”

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NYPD Discrimination Lawsuit Exposes How High-Ranking Law Enforcement Officers Used Racial Slurs On Duty

Is anyone surprised to hear that two of New York City’s boys in blue repeatedly used the n-word while on duty and often encouraged shooting blacks in the head while giving orders??? That’s exactly what many of the cops who worked under them have revealed as part of a series of depositions currently taking place in New York due to a discrimination lawsuit filed by Detective Debra Lawson:

Their testimony, part of a federal discrimination lawsuit, details how Capt. James Coan and Lt. Daniel Davin created a hostile environment for both their black detectives and suspected minority-group gun traffickers, said the plaintiffs’ lawyer, Eric Sanders.

“Capt. Coan would tell the field team . . . ‘They are f—–g animals. You make sure if you have to shoot, you shoot them in the head. That way there’s one story,’ ” said the retired detective.

The ex-cop, identified only as Undercover 7988, said Coan’s racist rant came before every search warrant executed in Brooklyn’s Brownsville, Bedford-Stuyvesant and East New York from 2008 to 2010.

“They didn’t care if it was kids in there, they didn’t care if it was women in there, naked women,” the detective said. “. . . They treated them as if they had no rights whatsoever. It was disgusting.”

In contrast, search warrants on predominantly white Staten Island were handled without kicking in doors, said the undercover.

“On a search warrant which I was present with him and several members of the team, while working in firearms, he called one of the perpetrators a n—-r,” said Detective Al Hawkins.

On another occasion in 2005, Hawkins recalled, he walked into an apartment where Davin was instructing white officers, “If you have to shoot a n—-r, do what you gotta do.”

The detectives testified last month in a discrimination lawsuit brought by Detective Debra Lawson in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The unidentified undercover, before his retirement, had also filed a discrimination complaint against Davin. The lieutenant was “reinstructed” about his offensive comments in 2010, according to court papers.

Detective Gregory Jean-Baptiste, who was demoted from second-grade to third-grade detective after clashing with Davin, testified that the lieutenant called him a “black bastard.”

In his deposition, Coan “absolutely” denied making the racist remarks. He acknowledged involvement in five shootings over the past 20 years — with two people left dead.

SMH horrible… And these pigs are still on the job!

Source Charles Eckert/Newsday

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