Creflo Dollar: Jesus Says Obey George Bush, Support Bush Policies and Wars

- By Bossip Staff

Via Creflo’s website:

“President Bush is worthy of your prayers and support. He is a man who rises early every morning to seek God and His wisdom through prayer and the study of the Word. This is not the time for Christians to picket, carry protest signs or throw their opinions around. The election is over, and the man in the Oval Office is the one we, as Americans, voted in. Numbers 32:7-13 makes it clear how God feels about a nation divided during a time of war.”

“In the name of Jesus, I declare that I will not allow any corrupt communication to proceed out of my mouth concerning President Bush or others in leadership (Ephesians 4:29). “

“I declare that he is a man of wisdom, and he is strengthened and guided by the Holy Spirit. I wholeheartedly support the decisions he makes for this country (1 Timothy 2:1-2). “

Creflo sounding like he is looking for some more federal tax breaks. Creflo sounds like the slavemaster and his House Negro helper on the plantation justifying slavery with the Bible. Someone blinging like Creflo probably wants to maintain this world’s order. Although I can barely understand what this preacher is saying sometimes, he rides against Creflo here.

LMAO@this preacher talking about co-ed volleyball. SMH at his little church with those rusty chairs with crooked legs. SMH@ at the preachers hype man with the Bible. Wonder if he was blinging like Creflo Dollar would his sermon be the same.

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