Poor Thang: Tiger Woods’ Downward Spiral Has Him Back On Drugs, Crying, And Acting Like An Unbalanced Crazy Person

- By Bossip Staff

Tiger Woods’ Depressing Downward Spiral

SMH at this guy:

TIGER WOODS is suffering frightening breakdowns – even turning on his own family – sparking fears that he’s back on drugs, say sources. Once considered the world’s best golfer, the fallen super­star,36, is struggling on the comeback trail, and he shocked fans with an embarrassing, foul-mouthed, club-kicking public meltdown at the recent Masters tournament.

But The ENQUIRER learned what goes on behind the scenes is far worse, including pitiful crying jags and explo­sive temper tantrums. “Tiger is breaking down and cry­ing,” revealed a close source. “Friends are very afraid that he’s suffering from depression again and back on antide­pressants.”

After Tiger’s notorious sex scandal made worldwide headlines in late 2009, he was prescribed the antidepressant Zoloft and later Wellbutrin to pull him out of his downward spiral. Experts say anti­depressants like those drugs can have side effects that could affect both his golf game and his moods. Now he’s so close to the edge again that his ex-wife Elin Nordegren, 32, reached out to him even though she’s now dating New York marketing ex­ecutive Jamie Dingham, say sources, but Tiger rebuffed her, barking: “I don’t need your help!”

Tiger has become so irritable that during a recent visitation with his two kids, they complained to their mom they didn’t want to stay overnight with him, revealed the close source. “The next day Elin confronted Tiger, asking, ‘What is WRONG with you?’ ” continued the source. “He snapped at her, ‘You never really loved me! When it mattered, you couldn’t forgive me. You turned your back on me. All you wanted was my fame and money.’

“Tiger feels Elin be­trayed him by divorcing him and taking up with Jamie. He sees her only when he sees their kids, and that has been happening less and less. “It’s finally hit Tiger that he’s lost ev­erything that really mattered to him!”

SMH. Sucks to be him right now…he should’ve been thinking about all that when he was screwing all those skanky Beckys raw dog.


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