Yayo Faces: Coked Up Florida Middle School Teacher Popped For Drug Possession After Calling One-Time For Help [Video]

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Florida Middle School Teacher Arrested For Cocaine Possession

And she had the nerve to be acting like this with “white powder” all up in her nostrils!

An H.L. Watkins Middle School teacher was arrested on drug charges Tuesday after an officer saw a small bag containing a white residue fall out of her pocket and the residue in and around her nostrils, according to an arrest report. Celestine Jones Baker, 52, was booked into the St. Lucie County Jail at 2:33 p.m. Tuesday on charges of possession of cocaine and possession of drug equipment.

Baker, of Fort Pierce, was released at 9:23 p.m. after posting $15,750 bond, according to a jail spokeswoman. Fort Pierce Police responded to the Race Trac gas station at 5870 Okeechobee Road at about 11:50 a.m. after dispatchers received an anonymous call regarding someone in a gray Dodge Ram pickup truck driving erratically.

Officer Ronald Kern watched as Baker pulled into the gas station and got out of the truck. He got out of his car to speak with her. Baker complained that she had locked herself out of the truck and dug into her pockets, likely looking for her keys, the report said. When she withdrew her hand from her pocket a small bag containing “white residue” fell out onto the ground.

The officer picked up the bag while Baker continued to complain about her keys. She said she may have left them on her front passenger seat, prompting the officer to look in the car. She was right. The officer also spotted was another small bag with white residue in it on top of her keys, according to the report.

Kern continued to speak with Baker who had to look up at him because he was considerably taller, he wrote in the report. Because of that he was able to see a clear view of her nostrils and spotted white residue “in and around” them.

This broad had bags of coke falling out of everywhere!!! What the hell?!?!?

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