Vagabond Robbed For $1.00 And Killed By These 3 Teens! [Video]

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Kids these days:

Everybody use to see him. They’d even talk to him.
But no one really knew who Pedro Miguel Rosales was, until he was murdered for his last dollar.
Police found the homeless man shot to death in a parking lot on April 4, 2012. Four teenagers have reportedly confessed to robbing and shooting him near Hempstead Highway and 34th Street. The robbery netted the suspects just a single dollar – all Ramos had, police said. But it took a while to identify the victim. Before his untimely death, he’d moved from home to home in a trailer park in northwest Houston. Friends called him “Ojitos.” That’s the Spanish word for eyes.
He had one eye that was a little crooked, so his friends gave him the nickname. Carmen Sanchez had seen him at her trailer park often. She jumped in to help when investigators had a hard time identifying him after his death.
She had heard “Ojitos” was from the city of Teloloapan in Mexico, so she called a church there, which in turn called a radio station.
The station aired the story. Amazingly, his family heard the broadcast and called Sanchez in Houston. “The family was crying… they hadn’t seen him in 10 years,” Sanchez said. His family said his real name is Pedro Miguel Rosales.
He was 32 years old. Another friend, Terry Barnes, said Ojitos had “a good heart.” “He was a good man and always asking for help,” Phil Ledesma said. Rosales was often seen on his bike, collecting cans along Hempstead Highway.
Sanchez said the family cannot afford to claim the body. A small cross and flowers are the only things friends say they can afford. His cross has his nickname, “Ojitos,” written across the front.

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