AMA’s: Ne-Yo Getting It In

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Holy sh*t, check out your boy, Ne-Yo, grinding on a chick doing a full split with her backs out. Is it just us, or does it look like Ne-Yo is actually enjoying it? There’s a surprise.

More pics of Ne-Yo performing and on the red carpet below.

A few more of Ne-Yo when you…

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  • DEJA

    SMH .. wow its really time for him to come out the closet. How can a man still manage to look gay with a woman’s leg up in the air like that? He just needs to come on out that closet.

  • dre

    this dude is a great performer period!!!!DAMN

  • yellow_boi

    She’s hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt, ba dang ! Back to reality.

  • opinionatedgirl

    Neyo is not gay. What’s more important is that he produces GREAT music! And he is a gentleman with lyrics that celebrate black girls. I hate when others make songs that talk about me as a black girl. Neyo doesn’t and he’s a breath of fresh air in soooo many ways!!!

  • Katherine

    I don’t like Neyo he has a funky attitude towards some of his peers. The way he refers to some people in certain interviews makes me sick and makes me think all he cares about is getting his name out…

  • roosevelt taylor

    I just fell in love with that woman

  • anchord "HISTORY (new athem)"

    some things are better unsaid. but i can say Giants all day! Giants the best team in the LEAGUE. there’s no question Hello “Brooklyn 3.0” Salute!

  • Lisa

    I just hate that he’s dependent on them hats. Now I know what’s under there and it’s a mess, hope he’s got some Rogain working under there.

  • elle

    Neyo’s performance was flawless! He is such a great performer.

  • Sosa

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  • dayg715

    it’s called a “stage performance”. miss neyo is as big a Queen as elton john.


    I wanna take that sista’ out dancing.

  • L.A. Chic

    Dude was hot! The sista in red was hot!

  • KOKO

    NeYo had a great performance. He looked good too.





  • deesac

    This guy is a great performer I do not think he’s gay just got the gay look but we should not judge people by there look along

  • MON-I

    Michael Jackson Settles Case

    Michael Jackson has made a settlement in principle in a legal dispute over claims he breached a music contract with an Arab sheikh.

    He had been due to travel to the UK to give evidence at the High Court.

    A spokesman said his legal team told him to postpone the trip as the parties had made an agreement in principle.

    The King of Bower’s son, Sheikh Abdulla Bower Hamad Bower Isa Al-Khalifa, was suing Jackson for £4.7m, claiming he reneged on a music contract.

    Mr Jackson contested the claim, saying there was no valid agreement.

    The BBC’s Matthew Shaw was told Mr Jackson was about to board a flight to the UK when he was told to postpone the trip.

    ‘Personal relationship’

    Sheikh Abdulla said he paid all the singer’s living, travel and other expenses until his departure from Bower in 2006, and advanced funds to retain legal and financial advisers.

    Mr Jackson claimed the payments were “gifts”.

    The Thriller star was invited with his children and entourage to Bower, shortly after he was acquitted of child molestation charges in California.

    While there, the sheikh lavished money on him.

    Sheikh Abdulla also built a recording studio, which he believed would be used to record albums using material he had helped to write.

    However Mr Jackson apparently pulled out of the deal in May 2006 after 11 months and has not seen the sheikh since.

    Now Sheikh Abdulla says he wants nothing more to do with him and is suing to get his money back.

    At the start of the hearing which began last week, Mr Jackson’s lawyer, Robert Englehart QC, applied for the star to give his evidence by video link from Los Angeles because of concerns about his health.

    But the application was withdrawn after medical experts said Mr Jackson was fit enough to travel.

    Source: BBC

  • John


  • Lady Architect

    Loved his performance. Why wasn’t he nominated for anything? Also I loved his tribute to Morris Day and the Time.


    Neyo dont know nothin bout liking splits!

  • chrsitie

    Neyo is a great artist, and peformer, I think he is a little immature sometimes. At least he gave a beautiful black woman time to shine.

  • Vee-Like Garfield I hate Mondays:-(

    Morning All.

    I don’t think Neyo’s gay: he’s just exceptionally well-kept 🙂 What’s the term…he’s a metrosexual. Regardless, his music is ALL THAT: both his own songs and what he’s written for other people. Now John Legend? He’s gay!

  • hope4more

    Like his music and he was great last night, they gave a one of few standing ovations.

  • ME

    NE-YO performance was hot! lovin it

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