AMA’s: Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera

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Posted by Bossip Staff

For those who are fans of chicks with amazing voices, you already know that both Mariah and Christina can blow their flat asses off. If you attended the awards and had to choose between hearing Mariah or Christina, who would you want to hear sing?

More pics of Christina in action below.

A few more shots of Christina scantily clad when you…

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  • Imani

    I like Mariah Carey, but Christina can perform.

  • D.O.O.K.I.E.


  • Deswes95

    Mariah all the way! Christina is cool too.

  • Lisa

    You’re right they both can sing, but they both need to majorly MAJORLY work on their stage presence.

    Christina no dancing, too many runs.

    Mariah needs to sit on a stool or have a mike stand and work on that arm movement geesh!

  • Kenny

    Christina can sing but she was wack, I was expecting to hear songs from her upcoming album rather than old songs.

  • GiGi

    They were both lipsynching. So, none.

  • E

    Mariah, I hate Christina’s voice.

  • Perez

    Mariah all the way. At least she’s not doing monkey dance on stage like some other wig-lipping-dancers.

  • dayg715

    christina. that moose whoriah’s voice is as flat as her ass now, and she’s the world’s worst live performer. Christina is younger and her voice is stronger than that has-been.

  • NEXT

    I LOVE CHRISTINA! However, they both sucked tonight!

  • Bill Bigsby

    christina screams. so ill have to go with mariah


    Chris why you looking like a tranny?

  • bri

    easy, christina all the way, she is the total package. mariah was too busy looking at herself on the jumbotron. mariah is so vain it makes me sick. christina kicked a** out there, that was a tough medley, but as usual she pulled it off. her voice is truly amazing

  • Mock Rock Star

    Neither…I want to hear Kanye sing!!!

  • EasyRawlins

    Mariah, hands done. Chris looks horrible (I thought pregnant/nursing women abstained from hair dyes? That peroxide blond look is horrible). Mariah’s a better singer, a better songwriter, and a far better looker! Her dress was slammin’!

  • Jane Doe


  • Che

    I got love for Christina and she does put on a great show but Mariah has a far superior songbook, so many goods it would take at back-back to fit even half of them in. Plus tonight vocally Mariah kicked ass. Christina half-sang everything.

  • maamz


  • Rosa

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  • Vinandi

    Mariah!! she’s a goddess! weird as hell, but hey divas are special people!

  • spinner 22

    Neither i think Beyonce had the best performance the audience got involved and im actually more of keys fan and her vocals where amazing but I truly beleive Beyonce stole the show

  • kenya

    i’m tired of mariah’s whisper singing, christina’s voice if fuller and more soulful.

  • Janice

    Christina definitely!! At least Christina had some movement. Mariah and that arm must sit down or something!

  • kahmmillion


  • Tealeaf

    Christina sounds like she is screaming…not a singing

    Mariah wins

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