In Crazy White Folks News: Audio Released Of Mel Gibson Cussing Up A Storm…”I Am Earning Money For A Filthy Little C—sucker”

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Screenwriter Releases Audio Of Mel Gibson Expletive Filled Tirade

We all knew this guy was off his effin’ rocker, but this isht right chere is cray…

Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas says he and his family were house guests of Mel Gibson in Costa Rica last December when the ‘Mad Max’ star went off on a blistering tirade, recorded on an iPhone by Eszterhas ‘ 15-year-old son Nick. Eszterhas provided the audio recording to industry website The Wrap because: “Gibson called me a liar. And I also have some reason to believe he’s creating a PR blitz questioning my truthfulness.” Eszterhas, who wrote the blockbuster “Basic Instinct,” was writing a screenplay for Gibson for a film called “The Maccabees.” The fact that the screenplay had not been completed seems to be one of the things that set Gibson off.

“Why don’t I have a first draft of ‘The Maccabees’? What the f**k have you been doing?” he can be heard bellowing on the recording on The Wrap’s website.
And it gets worse. Gibson, 56, also screams about Oksana Grigorieva, his ex-girlfriend and mother of his young daughter. “I am earning money for a filthy little c**ksucker who takes advantage of me!” Gibson rants. Eszterhas wrote a scathing, nine-page letter to Gibson in which he accused the actor of “hating Jews” and using “The Maccabees” film project – a story about Jewish heroism — “in an attempt to deflect continuing charges of anti-Semitism which have dogged you, charges which have crippled your career.”

“I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason you won’t make ‘The Maccabees’ is the ugliest possible one. You hate Jews,” Eszterhas wrote. “The Maccabees” project was put on hold by Warner Bros. studio, in part due to Eszterhas’ script, The Wrap reported. Gibson has called several of Eszterhas’ assertions “fabrications,” and may sue the writer. The actor is looking into whether Costa Rican laws were violated when he was secretly taped in his home, and if his privacy was violated by the release of the audio, TMZ reports.

“The bottom line is it shows to me he badly needs help,” Eszterhas told TheWrap. “My interest isn’t to damage him with this tape but to prevent damage being done to others…. I strongly believe that unless he seeks and receives some kind of psychiatric help, someone is going to get hurt.” Gibson has a long history making racist and anti-Semitic remarks. After a DUI arrest, Gibson exploded that “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.” In a voice mail to Grigorieva he said she would be to blame if she were to be “raped by a pack of n**gers.” Grigorieva was granted a restraining order during their custody battle over daughter Lucia.

If you think that’s crazy…listen to this isht!!

According to Eszterhas’ letter, Gibson’s rant began unexpectedly, as the guests had gathered for before-dinner drinks, and Gibson happened to look at a photo of himself holding his baby daughter Luci in which he was gray and balding:

The letter reads:

“You were staring at the photograph of you and Luci, your beautiful little girl … and you suddenly exploded. You hurled your cellphone into a wall and started to scream, ‘I look so f**king old! I look horrible! That f**king whore is destroying me! She’s taking my looks! I hate her! She’s destroying my life!’

“You jumped up, screaming full-throated: ‘Look at me!! F**king look at me! Look how terrible I look! Answer me, God! Why did you turn your back on me!? F**k you! F**k you!’ You stepped a few feet away and screamed into the sky, ‘I’m not gonna take it up the a*s anymore and say, ‘Thank you, your honor!’”

Sounds like someone needs a little trip to the mental institution…real talk.

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