AMA’s: Beyonce or Sasha Fierce

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce headlined a slew of performances at the AMA’s. From the pic above, it looks like her evil twin, Sasha Fierce, made an appearance and was about was about 2 inches away from yanking that “phonytail” right out of her head.

Who had the best performances of the night and who came dressed to impress?

There are a gang of pics to re-cap below.

The Dream, Jamie Foxx, Queen Latifah, T-Pain and more when you pop the hood…

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  • cockblocka

    The early bird catches the worm beeeeches!!!!


  • kenya

    she’s taking this “sf” business too far…someone please tell her that it’s not working, because i don’t believe she has any life in her…back to the drawing board b

  • ~Proud ArmyWifee~

    shes taking that way too far with that altar ego, I hope she dont get the 2 confused. She still gorgeous though:)

  • liyah

    dey all look good, dekked out in dey own lil outfits. terrance howard looks lik he goin to a business meeting…..

  • liyah

    dat certainly does make sasha look lik beyonces evil twin, cuz she dat face she makin make her look real EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVILLLL……

  • Ange

    Love alicia and queen’s performace!

    Bey’s dance move is just too much for me.

  • Lady Architect

    I’m sorry but Bey’s performance was nothing spectacular. She didn’t sing half the song. I do love her all female band though.

    Alicia, The Queen, and the opera singer were off the chain. They definitely saved the best for last. The queen is ultimate talent. She rap and sing so well. Not to mention she is a great actress too.

    Loved Pink’s performance as well.

  • sk8teboard P

    everybody looks great…but the worst performances of the night was rihanna and mariah carey…..everybody else performance was entertaining…..bey, alicia keys, and neyo were the highlight of the night….

  • Jace

    This award show was the worst which was not surprising and of the performances from the top a-list “divas” in the industry, the majority were boring and uninspiring. Mariah’s voice is pretty much a wrap and she needs to hang it up as far as performing and just stay in the studio. She doesn’t move at all. Just stands there and waves her hand. And wtf was nick cannon on stage for??? Christina looked tired and old with that short bang and all the outfit changes. Leona Lewis was okay, but her stage presence is pretty non-existent. Pink was cool but she looked like a bridesmaid. Rihanna was exactly what i thought she would be, stiff as a board and over done. From all those chains, spikes, the mohawk and the diamond eye patch, it just looks so contrived and unnatural. How much more edgier can it get Rhi- Rhi? Alicia was dong too much with the opera singer and latifa on stage. I like Alicia, but I couldn’t focus on anything but that hideous braid in her hair. And then there was Beyonce, she killed it and its obvious. She has every reason to have a BIG EGO. I hope the rest of the “divas” watching her perform had a pen and pad in hand. She has presence, she sounds amazing, she looks good, and she can move. They could learn alot from the queen….

  • Lisa

    1. Beyonce- thank goodness for her!!!

    2. Pink- love her grit

    3. Sarah M. & Pink – beautiful

    4. Mariah – toward the end, she can sang.

    5. Licia Keys – that was…different.

    6. Rihanna – looked cute, but her performance…BORING

    7. Leona Lewis…BORING, but pretty voice to Mariah…get your own style.

    Cringe Moments:

    New Kids on The Block doing The Right Stuff.

    Christina Aguilera dancing.

    Mariah standing up.

    Queen Latifah rapping.

    Rihanna starting off her song.

    Kanye speaking.

  • JOEY B

    wuddup Pedro…………..i aint even catch the awards last night


    alicia keys had the best performance. everyone else fell by the waistside. i’m mad at that young ass pastelle jacket kanye had on. it looked like a piece inspired from the transformers. theres definately “more that meets the eye” when it comes to him.

  • niecy

    sasha is INDEED fierce! damnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • niecy

    sasha is INDEED fierce! damnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • yoyo

    rihanna, BOOOOOOOORING.


  • Lady Architect

    Really I feel that if you didn’t like Alicia Keys performance, then you may not have understood what she was doing and why she did it.

  • Vee-Like Garfield I hate Mondays:-(

    Morning Peeps. For the 1st time ever, I didn’t watch any of the AMA’s. My show 24 came back on and clearly watching it was my top priority. So, B killed it huh? Rihanna’s cute but I heard her live performances need some help. Neyo’s “She Got Her Own ‘ video is hot!! Everyone looks nice though…and Mariah hasn’t sang-really sang well since the 90’s. From y’all’s comments I don’t think I missed much. Good Enough…

  • JOEY B

    @Pedro—>>> hahaha i can dig it….yeah i know huh,mariah and rhianna both need to fall back!….i was listenin to the steve harvey morning show and they was sayin how beyonce performance was the best.

  • Talley-B

    outside of Bey, Alicia, Coldplay and Ne-Yo….

    the rest of the performance was utter garbage, totally unacceptable….everyone else was just going thru the motions. i miss REAL music. to many mediocre performers win awards these days. for instance, Chris Brown. there’s no damn way he shoulda won Artist of the Year over A. Keys and coldplay, and even HE knows that. i like C. Brown, but he isn’t in those guys league…..yet. people are so hung up on personal crap and this “Swagger” b.s. that they actually don’t need to have talent to be an artist – scratch that – an entertainer. another example, Rihanna. she got on stage and went thru the motions last night, and just like and other night. her performance of the night was the worst, because it was just smoke and chains – that’s it. Music has gone to the damn dogs, besides what Kanye said. their is no real talent that is sucessful. i will say this, i’m glad to see J-hud, Jazmine Sullivan – people that are truly distinct talent-wise – are starting to rear their heads and get exposure that they deserve…..

  • Neeks

    I think Alicia had the best performance of the night and they really did save the best for last. After I saw bey perform, I was like ok….whatever (even after she messed up in the beginning!!!) Alicia always has a killer performance that makes you think, last year it was the reggae medly and this year she did her opera thing. She knows how to share the stage and showcase other people’s talents and that’s what I love so much about her! I mean seriously…how can you compare single ladies to SUPER WOMAN??? lol


    I bet Pink was good, erybody look aight besides tpain ofcourse

  • pm

    neyo had the best performance of the night

  • Canada's Ancaster Hot boi

    Beyonce, Beyonce, sexiest woman alive,,don’t hate peeps she looks better than any female in ur family.

  • Vee-Like Garfield I hate Mondays:-(

    @ Talley-B: I agree. Though I’m a fan, Chris Breezy was not artist of the year THIS year. but when he first hit the scene a couple years ago and didn’t win anything was when he should have won. But now that he’s ‘crossed over’ and has a wider audience he’s being recognized. I’ve learned that alot of times awards are given in the wrong year–just to acknowledge someone. Still, I’m glad he got it.

  • yoyo


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