Suli Breaks Spoken Word “He’s Not”: A Message To All The Women Out There In A Complicated Relationship [Video]

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This one is a message to all the ladies out there who are in an “it’s complicated” relationship status.

Just a quick “seminar” University of Suli Breaks style.

Spoken Word piece entitled: He’s Not

He’s not your boyfriend
He’s not “not sure about a relationship atm”
And that girl, She is not just a friend
And he was not “busy” last weekend

He is not still hurt after his last relationship went bad,
He not unsure about whether it’s time to meet his parents,
Neither does he not want u to put photos of him on Facebook because coz his appearance,

N No he’s not on the train experiencing interference,
And he’s has not just left his house,
Or neither is he just down the road, or 5 minutes away,
And his mum didn’t ask him to do something last minute the reason he’s late

And what’s on his mind,
He will not tell you later
And that girl that he told you is not his type,
Well she is
And he does no y she keeps calling him at late hours of the night
He doesn’t text back just to be polite.

And that hair you found all over the flat,
His clothes n his slacks
Is not his sisters?
He doesn’t even have a sister
Have you seen his sister?
And I’m sure u would have noticed by now that has at least 8 numbers saved under “Mum” in his phonebook.
Don’t believe me then go look,
Either his mum is a phone crook
Keeps forgetting shit like that chick from the notebook
……Or she’s an octopus?

I was having an argument with a girl on twitter,
Regarding whether a guy can love a some and still cheat,
She said yes, coz with men it is a self control issue, this is something I believe
Immediately I stopped her like
This is exactly y all men cheat
Coz women all themselves to be so naive,
Here I am tried showing her behind the game
But she was so unwilling to change her mind frame

It’s like the matrix
I’m offering her the red pill,
Ironically on twitter so it shouldn’t be hard to follow
But she will continue to take the red one coz it’s easier to swallow.

How many times does he have to cheat,
For you to realize it’s not a game no more
All men will cheat if all women allow them to,
Some men will cheat if some women allow them to,
No men would cheat, if no woman allow them to
It’s deep it is
Coz that just not the responsibility of the women he’s with but also the woman he’s cheating with.
How many times have you heard this:

“We’re not in a relationship, but he’s leaving his girlfriend soon”

“He’s only still with her because of the kids”

“What girl?? Huh??? Eh?”

So maybe next time you lot decide to rally as a gender
Maybe you should but that somewhere on the agenda

So He’s NOT,the reason you broke up,
And it’s about time some of you ladies stopped dreaming and woke up

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