For The Cause? A Gallery Of People Accused Of Setting Black People Back With Their Actions

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Black Celebrities Accused Of Being An Embarrassment

It’s hard enough being Black in America will all the police brutality, unequal education and Tyler Perry movies. We don’t need people going out in public setting the whole race back a few decades by shucking chicken and dressing up like women.

That’s why so many people attack these celebrities for “setting Black people back.” Are they right?

Tyler Perry – He’s gotten a ton of flack for dressing up like a woman and for his movies being less than, well, intelligent.

Martin Lawrence – Same goes for Martin and Big Momma’s House.

Estelle – She rocked blackface for a video. Bad call.

The Diary Of Desmond Pfeiffer – A TV show about slavery is a definite fail. And it got pulled quickly.

Mr. Ghetto – He not only had hoes booty popping at Wal-Mart but he did that dumb a$$ jungle song, too.

Soulja Boy – He just does a ton of ignorant s***.

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    Gucci Mane – He says “Burrr” for a living and got ice cream tattooed on his face. AND he did an album with N-bomber V-Nasty.

    Waka Flocka Flame – *Blank stare*

    Fonzworth Bentley – When he came through holding umbrellas for Diddy people said he was a modern slave. Good thing he stopped that.

    Herman Cain – Can’t deny…he set Black politics back quiiiite a bit.

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